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Palace of Serbia, New Belgrade

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Monastir Ravanica in Serbia was established in the late 14th century by St. King Lazar. It survived hundreds and years and many invasions through ages


DU Tamburitzans 78th season


Etno Selo, Bijeljina, RS


So… In the end, The United States wins the Gold with 129 points on the board, but can I honestly say I’m that impressed? No, I’m afraid I really can’t. Of course we played great, but that is to be expected when your country expects nothing less than to win at the expense of everything, even at the cost of the love of the game. In fact, in relative comparison, I’m much more satisfied with Serbia’s spectacular performance of 92, when we take into consideration the country’s respective location, relative population, media exposure, endorsement potentiality, and realistic available sponsorship deals. Not to even mention that majority of it’s players are not even close to being the multi-million dollar athletes of our Men’s National Team. No, tonight I take my hat off to Serbia, and only Serbia, for although you may not have achieved the Gold you sought, you must always remember that with 2nd place, comes a well deserved “Silver” lining that you are the best amateur “Dream-Team” in all of the World. And out of all of those who fall shortly behind these over-glorified “Monstars” of “Professional” Baskteball that call my country home, you are number one. You see what I mean? 🍴🏀🔫👌 #Serbia #ThereIsAn #Obvious #SilverLining #In #2ndPlace #TakeTheTimeTo #SaveFace #YouRanAHellOfARace #WithConsiderableGrace #SpaceJam #LooneyTunes #USA #Monstars #SERBIA #DreamTeam #Basketball #FIBABasketballWorldCup #MilosTeodosic #StefanMarkovic #StefanJovic #MiroslavRaduljica #NikolaKalinic #NenadKrstic #DerrickRose #RudyGay #KyrieIrving #DeMarcusCousins #JamesHarden #AnthonyDavis


Stay classy, America. Stay fucking classy.


Belgrade, Serbia (by varlamov)


Србски ветеран из првог светског рата на гробу свог брата


Serbian veteran from first world war on the grave of his brother


September 16th, 1914 - Ongoing Battle of Drina

Pictured - Serbian infantry men in the battle.

The first Austrian invasion of Serbia had been repulsed at the Battle of Cer, despite Austrian notions that the Serbs could have been easily dealt with.  But the Serbian army, bloodied and experienced in the Balkan Wars, proved more than a match for their more powerful foes.

Austria-Hungary tried to crush its little neighbour again in September of 1914, crossing the river Drina on the 8th and engaging in a ten-day battle along its banks.  The Austrians managed to surprise their foes initially and secure a number of shallow bridgeheads, but fierce Serbian counterattacks kept them in place.  Both sides launched costly assaults on one another to make any headway.

After these initial battles, the Serbs stopped their attacks and dug in farther to the rear, with their Montenegrin allies.  A month of trench warfare began, which heavily favoured the Austrians, as Serbia had only a single factory to produce artillery ammunition, and as their foot soldiers wore simple peasants shoes that offered no protection from the mud and cold.  Yet the defiance and ferocity of the Serbian soldiers had again prevented their much more powerful opponent from knocking them out of the war.


Jelena of Bulgaria

Queen of Serbia, and from 1346 Empress of the Serbs and Greeks

Born c.1310 - Died c.1376

Claim to fame: a capable and respected Orthodox queen

As the sister of Ivan Alexander of Bulgaria, Jelena married King Stefan Uroš IV Dušan of Serbia in 1332 to solidify peace between Bulgaria and Serbia.

Jelena was well educated and became a prominent figure in the Serbian royal court as well as political, public and religious life. She is believed to be the first woman to visit the religious site of Mount Athos in 1347.

After the death of her husband, Jelena acted as regent of Serbia between 1355–1356. Her son, Stefan Uroš V, was known as ‘the Weak’ and remained heavily dependent on his mother and advisors even after reaching majority. Jelena continued to play an active role in her son’s politics despite becoming a nun and living under the religious name Elisaveta.

Jelena’s image above is a mid-14th century fresco from Lesnovo Monastery, Macedonia.

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Serbian female soldiers

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A magical moment en route to Serbia. Photo by @bluepoolroad, who went on a 5-week, 8 country trek through Europe! #serbia #europe


Strolling at dusk on the streets of Novi Sad / Serbia (by ).